Check-out The Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse

William Shakespeare is one of the most world-renown playwrights and poets in all of human history; his comedies, tragedies, and history pieces are read and studied by all sorts of scholars and analysts – whether as a requirement for their high school English course or perhaps as a thesis for a full-time professor at a university – and new performances of his famous works are played out every year, on stage or even on film. Here at Alexan East Atlanta Village, we have several amazing performance venues in our neighborhood for you to catch your favorite Shakespeare plays, but one stands out from the crowd like an actor in the spotlight.

A Stage by Any Other Name

The Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse is a performance venue dedicated to the English playwright, along with all...

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Live the Active Lifestyle in Atlanta

Sure, it’s possible to sit around on your sofa or snuggled in your bed all day; in fact, it’s even healthy every once in a while, for it lets you reset your nerves or recover from nasty illnesses. However, doing it all the time will get you nowhere – literally and figuratively; you need to spend time going outside, getting fresh air, working on those errands, or maybe even starting an...

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Quality Comfort with Design

The phrase “style at the sacrifice of comfort” seems a bit too true at times, especially when it comes to outfits. Those trendy flip flops you find sitting on the shelf soon cut into your foot, leaving painful blisters that ache for days; vice versa, wearing those super comfy sweatpants anywhere outside your house only gives you mockery from those around you. Here at Alexan East Atlanta...

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Unique like You

It’s hard to find a home that breaks the mold: many suburban houses tend to be too cookie cutter – some even extreme to the point where you can easily get lost in a neighborhood labyrinth – and the custom-made houses, manors, and other high tier homes tend to delve too deep into your funds. Here at Alexan EAV, we offer over a dozen different floor plans for our luxury apartments to make...

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Authentic Italian in Atlanta

Let’s face it: there are a lot of choices out there when it comes to dining; nearly every human culture has their own style of cuisine, and by extension, every eatery has a theme – whether they’re a casual diner or an exquisite fine restaurant. To help you narrow things down, Italian food is unique in how many of their entrees are hearty and filling; hardly do you ever eat an Italian...

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