Authentic Italian in Atlanta

Let’s face it: there are a lot of choices out there when it comes to dining; nearly every human culture has their own style of cuisine, and by extension, every eatery has a theme – whether they’re a casual diner or an exquisite fine restaurant. To help you narrow things down, Italian food is unique in how many of their entrees are hearty and filling; hardly do you ever eat an Italian based meal and still feel hungry or unsatisfied. Here at Alexan East Atlanta Village, our neighborhood offers plenty of Italian style restaurants, and one stands out from the rest.

The La Grotta is a high-end style Italian eatery set near downtown Atlanta, approximately ten miles or a twenty-minute drive away from our luxury apartment complex. Featuring Northern Italian cuisine, the La Grotta only uses the freshest ingredients for all their recipes, so every mouthful is just as savory as the last; there’s also a handy translation index on their menu for those unfamiliar with Italian terms. Start out with an appetizer like grilled portabello mushrooms or Mediterranean roasted veal loin; and then move on to the main course with pasta such as the tortelloni Della Casa and soft potato gnocchi, or with the restaurant specials like the marinated lamb chops, roasted quail, and a pan roasted catch of the day. Vegetarian meals and special orders can be requested, though extensive changes or new menu options may need to have a notice in advance along with your reservation. Lastly, business casual dress is preferred for your visit.

Roll up your sleeves and delve into fine Italian meals at Alexan EAV. Explore our community and open luxury apartment today, and then make a reservation for the La Grotta for your next big meal.

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