Love Where You Live

Where you live should never get in the way of how you want to live. At the Alexan EAV luxury apartment homes in Atlanta Georgia, you can find the right life balance for perfect harmony. Choose your perfect space from any number of spacious and functional layouts and floor plans – and be ready to live to your heart’s content. Enjoy luxury apartment and community features that give you plenty to love and offer plenty to share with friends and family. Life balance and happiness.

Live the Dream

A major component of happiness for many people is being able to share the fruits of their success. When it’s time to unwind over the weekend, remember the people that helped you get there. Treat them to a weekend party by the pool. You don’t have to be near the ocean to enjoy...

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Live in the Best of Today

While, no doubt, we still have a long way to go before we have a perfect world, we’ve progressed so far and have so many amazing things to share – and thanks to social media we can share it almost instantly. Modern day technology continues to improve standard of living, new creations and innovations are invented every day, and people can stay connected to their loved ones even when...

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A Den of Possibilities

One-bedroom apartments are great: they give you the right amount of independence if you happen to be a first-timer to renting your own place, and they have the right amount of room to make you comfortable. However, it never hurts to have an extra room just in case. Here at Alexan EAV, we offer luxury apartments that offer two bedrooms, or perhaps a den, to ensure you have the space you need to...

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Check-out The Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse

William Shakespeare is one of the most world-renown playwrights and poets in all of human history; his comedies, tragedies, and history pieces are read and studied by all sorts of scholars and analysts – whether as...

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Live the Active Lifestyle in Atlanta

Sure, it’s possible to sit around on your sofa or snuggled in your bed all day; in fact, it’s even healthy every once in a while, for it lets you reset your nerves or recover from nasty illnesses. However, doing it all the time will get you nowhere – literally and figuratively; you need to spend time going outside, getting fresh air, working on those errands, or maybe even starting an...

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