Get Your Kicks this Summer

For many, enjoying a vibrant lifestyle within your community is an essential flavor of the spice of life. When you live at the Alexan EAV luxury apartment homes in Atlanta Georgia, you can enjoy life at the next level. You can enjoy a lifestyle that includes a fantastic sports scene. You can enjoy apartment and community features and amenities that give you plenty to love and plenty to share. Regardless of the spacious layout or floor plan you choose, you will love living where your comfort is the primary focus. Live life now.

Soccer or Football, You’ll get a Kick out of this Place

Whether your favorite sport is called soccer in the States or football around the world you have found the perfect spot at The Elder Tree – Irish Pub and Soccer Club. A unique creation with unique roots. In their own words “Trinidad Faragoza is the owner and general manager of The Elder Tree Public House in the East Atlanta Village… Trinidad’s passion for soccer started in his childhood, and he went on to compete in high school and collegiate programs…Named after an old Irish tradition in which an Elder Tree is planted as a sign of protection, The Elder Tree Public House is certainly a welcoming environment with its chatty clientele, sleek wood accents, and decadent comfort food.”  No matter what team you are rooting for you can get your soccer fix here.

Get your kick for soccer at The Elder Tree when you live at the Alexan EAV luxury apartment homes in Atlanta Georgia today!

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