Love Where You Live

Where you live should never get in the way of how you want to live. At the Alexan EAV luxury apartment homes in Atlanta Georgia, you can find the right life balance for perfect harmony. Choose your perfect space from any number of spacious and functional layouts and floor plans – and be ready to live to your heart’s content. Enjoy luxury apartment and community features that give you plenty to love and offer plenty to share with friends and family. Life balance and happiness.

Live the Dream

A major component of happiness for many people is being able to share the fruits of their success. When it’s time to unwind over the weekend, remember the people that helped you get there. Treat them to a weekend party by the pool. You don’t have to be near the ocean to enjoy the salt life. Dive into a clear salt water pool and avoid all the complications from chlorine. No more stinging eyes. And what is a day of fun by the saltwater pool without a cook out? Show your guests you can take it to the next level with your grilling game. Master your fire and serve the perfect steaks from rare to well done. Mix it up with some grilled veggies and even master pineapple and cheese. Relax by the grill in the beer garden and let everyone share the stories that have kept you friends for years.

Live the life you deserve today at the Alexan EAV luxury apartment homes in Atlanta Georgia!


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