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"I love staying in this community I really appreciate Kaya for everything she’s doing to make this community a better place. I also love the sense of security within the community also."
"We love the staff and the neighborhood and really appreciate the convenience of getting back and forth from the city. There are a lot of grocery stores around here as well which we love"
"Good so far. Communication from Leasing Office could be better - giving residents more time to comply with the requests. Premises could be cleaner, but that says more about the residents and visitors."
"I have enjoyed my time living here, though it's coming to an end. I would renew my lease if my circumstances allowed. This has been the most affordable yet quality residence that I have seen in such a great location!"
"Always clean. Friendly Staff. Nice Pool area. Nice Club Room. Gym is nice but need some updates. Different machines. Doggie area could have a little green area."
"I have absolutely loved living here. What makes EAV is the incredible and attentive staff! They know my wife and I by name and truly care about their residents"
"this is a great community. Front staff and residents are pleasant. Dog poop need to be more controlled. Parking is good most times. I would recommend"
"The apartment is great. The staff is even more amazing. They were very thorough in helping me complete my paperwork and showing me around. I am excited to move in"
"The front office/management is incredible. We’ve always felt heard and any issues we’ve had resolved in a timely manner. The trash and package service is also very nice"
"I love this neighbor and Kaya is the best !The area has a lot of cool things to do such as bars, eateries and night life. Also around the corner is a huge park."
"Really enjoy the front office, extremely helpful and really enjoy my apartment and how spacious it is, can’t beat the restaurants either! L"
"i don’t get the services in which i pay for and that are included in living here. Maintenance requests take years, (my most recent request said it was resolved but wasn’t), i pay for dog park services that barely happen, leasing office is rude and makes excuses."
"Love my unit and the location! Biggest complaint is that one of my neighbors (not sure which) smokes enough weed that I can smell it in my unit."
"Alexan is a beautiful neighborhood with a friendly staff. I never received a valet trash can but that’s okay. They still pick up the bag for me."
"I've had a good experience overall. The staff is nice and always ready to help. I do feel like we can do better with the cleanliness of the hallways."
"The amenities are my features within the community and management here get things done at a reasonable time. Also the piece and quiet is like no other."
"I love living here! The neighborhood is cute and the staff and very attentive! The amenities are great. The location is perfect. I’m so close to so many cute Atlanta neighborhoods!"
"4.5 stars. Love the people here. The staff is great (not to mention incredibly friendly)! Maintenance (Dennis) is FANTASTIC. Really like East Atlanta Village, too. The neighborhood has so much to offer. Only downside is some of the occasional noise at night (from the fire station or people on the street). But this does not happen often. Really happy I picked EAV. Have been here for just over two years and will be here for another year!"
"This small resident community has been calm for the most part, with very few disturbances. I have enjoyed my time here so far, and the luxuries of my apartment space, despite the frequent fire alarm issues."
"Good maintenance team. Lot of change with management office. Some residents seem to have issues following rules (ie. when to put trash out, picking up after their dogs, etc)."
"I am pleased that the water and sewer bill problem is being looked at. I don’t have to take videos of my meter running anymore, and I don’t need to be anxious when paying my bill. We have come to an agreement that till the problem is solved, the high fees will be omitted and I am paying an estimated fee based on my bills from apt 219. There was a recurring fee of $15.00 monthly in my previous bills I need to ask about. I think this comes from my renters insurance proof. My daughter is on my lease but for some reason there was no proof of that when I renewed my lease. I was not informed about the problem, but got charged every month. I appreciate the kind management and maintenance people."
"I love my residence. There are a lot of cool amenities that come with this place. The propy manager Kaya is the best.Just a block away are bars and eateries."
"I have absolutely loved living here. There’s always community events going on that you can be a part of and all of our neighbors are so kind"
"Great, last month here 👌🏽 The stay was up and down. Cost is a little much but the community in the area is nice. Would recommend. I like the dog park."
"I Love the neighborhood and the the unit but office communication is is very lacking. Also I have now had multiple maintenance requests closed before actually being repaired."
"Community is good, amenities are okay. Great location and neighborhood. Management changes a lot (3 times in a bit over a year) so that could be improved."
"Love my new apartment and the beautiful amenities Alexan EAV has to offer! The hallways are kept nice and clean. The community garden is so tranquil to pause and look at as I walk my dogs (who are big fans of the dog park)."
"I live this community. I do have a problem with my water bill, which has been going on for a year now without a resolution. I have paid nearly 1,000.00 more this year for my water bill than I did last year. I know where it comes from, the management knows where it comes from, but I have not received any assurance that I will be getting my money back. Otherwise Dennis is wonderful, staff is wonderful and I appreciate the work that is put into keeping the community safe abs beautiful."
"Great walkable location close to the 20. Very friendly and attentive staff + resident events. Apartments have great kitchens ♥, pet friendly, gated parking."
"The start of my lease was very rough my apartment carpet had animal pee stains there were carpet bugs everywhere and I feel like the leasing office just didn’t care. With new leasing staff things have gotten better. The leasing manager handles problems in a timely manner and I no longer feel like a burden if I reach out. Every complex has problems but for the most part I feel okay about living here. The biggest perks for me is that I don’t have to take the highway to work and I feel safe."
"Everything has been great so far. Staff are extremely friendly and helpful when needed. Amenities are nice as well, only suggestion I have is the temperature inside the room with the pool table gets really hot later in the evening and there’s no way to regulate it. Other than that everything id amazing, Thank you."
"The community is lovely, and this is facilitated by the facilities available to us. Residents are friendly, the activities that the management team are scheduling let us get to know each other."
"I love it here. The location is great, so many places to eat in walking distance. The amenities are also great. Looking forward to renew my lease."
"Really enjoy the area, tho it seems like the leasing office filters to many people they have all been nice. Some of the amenities had been down for a while but now they are up and running! Really enjoy the security around. Overall pretty good experience"
"Thanks for a easy move in and we are excited to live here now. Love the gym love the pool and I think the community is great too Great to be here"
"I absolutely love everything about this complex (maintenance could use some work per usual). My unit is much more spacious and upscale than expected, and the proximity to restaurants, shops, and nightlife is superior! So far, I’ve had no issues with other residents so no complaints."
"Since moving in on August 18, 2021, my neighbors and Alexan Administration have been friendly and helpful! I love this community and feel at home here."
"Very nice apartment with large kitchen and lighting. Large balcony! I enjoy the pool and like that there is a community room. The residents I have met so far have been great as well; good community."
"Living here is great for its location, the wonderful maintenance team and the convenience. Recently, the staff have really been trying their hardest despite COVID to boost renter morale by hosting more events. Super happy living here!"
"Everything has been great so far! The only issue has been when I was given the sticker for my windshield to open the gate, I was not told where to put it so it does not work to open the gate and I will have to get another one."
"The complex has gone down since I moved in. Things don’t work anymore. I’m not sure if there was another change in the office but it hasn’t been great since Raina ran the place."
"I love the apartment! I feel the staff could be more communicative (Was unclear where to put trash for a bit, asked someone at the front desk who was having their first day and they didn’t know either) and I’m still waiting to hear about things like the package service. Otherwise, lovely!"
"Great place to live. Great community. My only issue has been letting guests in, as the call box will not synchronize with my phone. Other than that, it has been a very good experience living at Alexan EAV."
"Everything is pretty much great, except the constant changes in management recently. Haven’t been able to count on them for assistance like when I first moved in."
"Pretty good community and great area. Management changes too often, so it’s hard to build a relationship and see continuity on improving the complex."
"Beautiful place to live and the area is great. Near downtown and has nightlife right around the corner. The amenities are nice and I like the saltwater pool."
"Love the community and our friendly neighbors! Would love to have more parties to meet the rest of the neighborhood. Maybe a summer night party by the pool."
"Love the location and the amenities! Large kitchen with a giant granite island. The package concierge locker system is great for keeping online purchases safe. Took one star away because the automatic gate into the parking lot does not always operate correctly."
"I really love the way management communicates and how the living spaces are clean and just how organized everything is in the community. It makes it a lot easier to feel safer"
"I love it. It's close to the highway and everybody is very friendly. Also, I like a lot that we have everything nearby, like supermarkets, all types of restaurants, gas stations, etc ..."
"Love our apartment complex and the amenities, especially the location! The security really makes me feel at peace in my apartment complex as well."
"So far I have had a great experience when having to deal with the office or maintenance staff. Also a really fun neighborhood to live in. Great for being able to just walk around."
"Enjoyed living here prior to pandemic, but hasn’t been the same since with restrictions to amenities and lack of community events. Staff turnover has been high as well. Wall are very thin and can hear neighbors easily."
"The Alexan truly cares about their residents. They are one of the most (if not the most) communicative property rentals, always updated residents of any concerns, events, and status of community areas. Such a good place!"
"Overall I've had a great experience at the Alexan. I do think there can be more effort put into general upkeep but outside of that management has been responsive and helpful while the other residents are friendly and respectful."
"Things have changed since management has been switched over, however there are aspects I still appreciate such as the maintenance team and the package system. However the upkeep, the updates, and the general communication with the facility has gone down. This is outside of what can be done during COVID."
"Overall, I’m enjoying my time here and I’m happy with upkeep of the community. Security is my main concern - there were couple of cars that were broken into during new years in our gated parking lot and it took days before we management sent out official communication about the incident. Also, I stop seen the security people doing their rounds for couple months. At least I started seeing them again. Also, the main double door that gives access to the elevator doesn’t lock most of the time - defeating the purpose of having a key fob entrance."
"So far everything has been great. The process has been seamless. I keep having to make calls for assistance and everyone has been supportive with my questions. I look forward to my new place."
"I love the property. The dog park is amazing and every neighbor I meet is amazing. Thanks!! I love my place as well! The open kitchen and floor plan is something I really enjoy. Thanks again guys!"
"I like the community overall, but have not been super pleased with the staff changes and their level of customer service. There hasn’t been as many resident events or giveaways, which I liked. However I love that they recently painted the hallways and stairs!"
"Today, while we were grilling, someone purposefully turned the grill up to high and threw our electronic thermometer in the grill, thus poisoning our food."
"Moving out, already shared issues with staff to no resolution and not happy with my experience which is a shame because I loved it when I moved in and previous management was here."
"I love the property. The only downside is the noise level above us. Great walking area, resturants, and amenities. Stanley is awesome sauce !!!"
"I love the mail system and how friendly and professional the staff is. They do a great job with helping with maintenance request as well as packages."
"Stanley and Tori assisted me with a speedy move in. They were available the whole way through and made my experience very pleasant. Definitely would recommend based on the move in process itself."
"Love the area!!! Management of building is great as well! Thank you Tori for always going above and beyond in order to make our resident experience and pleasant!!"
"I've been here for a few years and the staff has always been super helpful. Can't recommend enough for people to live here. Great place and neighborhood"
"This is a great neighborhood. I would recommend you move here. I will be moving in on the 12 of the month. I have toured twice and couldn’t pass it up."
"This place is really cool. East Atlanta Village has so much to offer in terms of community, dining, and nightlife even during this pandemic. I am able to still enjoy the neighborhood while social distancing and enjoying good food."
"Alexan has a good location close to the highway, nice amenities, and overall spacious floor plans. The downsides are restricted use of the facilities, inconsistent management throughout my two years living here, and the noise of moreland ave at all times of the day/night."
"Every responsive in getting application process complete. Also the online portal really simplifies the payment and maintenance request process."
"I love everything about the community! From the convenient amenities to the speedy responses from the management team and maintenance team! I have to only give 4 stars because the walls are paper thin. I can hear my neighbors conversations, televisions, and snoring."
"I toured 12 apartments prior to making my decision. Tori was the only one to make the tour very personable and give thoughtful feedback. She also was very organized and followed up with me along with calling prior to appointments to confirm. It really made me excited to move in knowing how responsive they were. I also had a few questions around the holidays and either Tori or Stanley answered right away and helped me through the steps."
"My experience was previously amazing however after a management change the interaction is a lot less genuine. Previous management followed up and made it a point to keep a positive relationship with their residents HOWEVER the women at the front desk in the office are quite kind and great new faces in the community."
"Like the location, the building is fairly quiet, its great to be next to the highway, there is great natural light, and I like the interior design. However, since COVID I have not been happy about the limited availability of the gym and club room because I usually can only go after business hours due to my work schedule."
"It's been OK, I haven’t seen much changed since my last review. I understand the limitations with COVID, but there has been a lack of ingenuity to create alternative resident perks. I acknowledge December's planned events. Events/perks at move in were bi-weekly. The last community perk was a lackluster dessert table in Oct. I e-mailed COVID safe ideas in July. Neighboring buildings are having virtual/outdoor fitness classes, grab-and-go food, small events, and food trucks regularly. Why is the courtyard/clubhouse closed after hours when the gym is open and high risk? Is this in house or graystar's protocol? I hope in 2021 perks will continue consistently. COVID is not going away soon, I'd love more innovative solutions to keep residents optimistic. It severely reduces the value of living here with no rent reduction. I may look elsewhere when my lease is up where they manage COVID in a way that maintains the property value, and strengthens community if rent isn't reduced"
"So far everything is peaceful I enjoy my stay here. Staff is amazing and the area is beautiful all around. Maintenance is always a help as well"
"I’ve enjoyed living at Alexan for the past year and a half. The apartment itself has a spacious floor plan with nice features (washer/dryer, balcony, walk-in closet, nest thermostat). Great location close to highway and walking distance to East Atlanta Village. My main complaint is how restricted our use of amenities has been with coronavirus. I don’t feel we’re getting fair access to what we pay for (fitness center, pool table, outdoor pool). For months they were off limits completely and now are restricted to reservations only when staff is present."
"We have been in Alexan for 3 months. So far, it has been a great experience. The leasing office people are very helpful and maintenance is very responsive. This is not a 5-start review because the leasing professionals are often late to open the office. This is troublesome when you are on a tight schedule and depend on them to get access to the gym, pool, or club house."
"Chrissy and Stanley are AWESOME they truly make this complex. They have made living here so easy and fun, you can tell they care about their jobs. Spacious apartments, next to a bunch of restaurants and the gym is nice!"
"Need improvements to the amenity policy to extend hours or allow limited guests because the pool area has never been at full capacity and allows for more than adequate space to comply with social distancing guidelines. Not having full access to amenities when they were 24 hours when I signed my lease really is disappointing considering most other complexes have fully resumed normal operating hours. It seems our building is way too restrictive in comparison to the comparable amenity buildings in the metro Atlanta area. As mentioned in person to staff, the lack of community events, virtual or otherwise and lack of communication in general has really had an impact on my resident experience. I live alone and having a strong community tie is extremely important for me when considering a new complex to move into. When I first moved in, Raina and Sharika not only had weekly giveaways/resident appreciation/contests, they had often check in emails to keep morale up every week or two. Just nice things to say hey were thinking about y’all, this is a hard time for everyone, and want you to know the exciting things coming up this month. Not to mention, this is another reason why people pay extra to live in luxury buildings, resident perks. Since the management switch, today was the first day that we had a resident appreciation giveaway/any event since June 18ths event (which we also had to pay for our own food/drinks). That was 2 months ago, and I feel it’s unacceptable when these things were very important to me and I’m sure others here to feel more sense of community and meet my neighbors even virtually. There are so many options for virtual community events so I’m not sure why we haven’t had one. I’ve spoken to staff on multiple occasions on this and when asking if anything was in the works I was told “not at this time” but “were working on it” for 2 months now and I just don’t think there’s a priority of importance being put on it. I think more attention to resident experience and fostering of the community aspect/morale during this difficult time will be a huge improvement. Noise of planned parenthood protestors (every Monday/Wednesday for over a month) is the only other issue, no complex noise issues at this time."
"I love living here. The apartment is cozy and beautiful, all staff is helpful and friendly and realize that this is our Home. The pool is great and location is wonderful."
"Love it here. Quiet and clean. Staff is great. Moving in was a breeze considering I move from California. They had everything completed in one day."
"Love it here more and more everyday! Thank you for always making all of your residents feel so welcome. Moving during a quarantine has been a weird experience, but it was made easy and comfortable thanks to the wonderful staff!"
"We just moved in and we are loving it. The staff - specially Chrissy - make a huge difference. Love the location, neighborhood and amenities offered!"
"Satisfied in the community and satisfied that my review adheres to the 140 character minimum. Thanks for helping this community be a nice place to make a home."
"So far so good! I love the property. It has a very small community feel. The amenities are nice and I feel secure with onsite security. My nephew came to visit and he loved the game room and pool area."
"I have enjoyed being a resident @ Alexan EAV. Outside of the pandemic the amenities being accessible 24hrs a day was great! I certainly will miss it once I leave."
"Alexan has a very friendly staff that responds quickly to concerns of residents. The apartment complex itself is modern with amenities that are enjoyable to use (when available). The units I live in has a nice floorplan and the nest thermostat is a nice feature. The location with the city is great and convenience of walking to EAV is nice"
"This is the first place that actually offers a complete package of customer service as well as cleanliness ,excellent pricing and As I said the service here completely beats the competitors nearby by a landslide everything here is top notch would, granite, etc. For this area, and these prices as well as the kind of service you will receive are not the usual professionalism as well as kindness."
"Just moved in and love the quality of the facilities, as well as the staff. The kitchen is especially amazing, as well as the bathrooms. I will recommend this place to everyone."
"The amenities are great and we love the area. The walls are a bit thin so my only issue is the noise from other residents who are not as respectful of their neighbors."
"I have loved living in this community. Everyone is very friendly and the staff are incredibly responsive. I have also been impressed by how they have responded to the pandemic"
"Overall still a great place to live! Have been satisfied with everything over the past year and glad to be staying for another year. Glad the community is trying to manage COVID, but not completely happy about the way it has been handled. Definitely ready to be able to use the amenities again soon. Staff are very nice, professional, and considerate!"
"Living here is the absolute best. Super great amenities, chill residents, and the staff is aces. That's why I renew every year! Been here 3 years now and not leaving anytime soon 😁"
"The Alexan EAV is a wonderful place to live in Atlanta. Everyone in the building is so nice to each other and respectful of space. You truly feel at home whether you’re in your unit or down by the dog park playing with your pup! Best apartment community I’ve lived in anywhere, including Denver, where I moved from!"
"I just moved in to the Alexan EAV on the 30th but so far my experience has been great. Prior to move in up until now everyone in the office has made sure to be super accommodating and super friendly. Looking forward to my time here!"
"It has been great so far. Still moving in, but it has been made easy. I am excited for the change of scenery and to meet my new neighbors."
"I love living here. The adjustment to the pandemic has been hard for everyone and it’s nice to know the apartment complex continues to update us and make sure there are still engaging ways for us to become a community."
"This has been such a great place to live! The staff here is incredibly; they have worked so hard to lift our spirits and keep us engaged during this pandemic, and we have great neighbors!"
"I moved in about a month ago and so far so good! Staff has been lovely. I only wish I could give a full rating once the amenities are open. It would be nice if there was some sort of rent concession while they’re closed indefinitely!"
"Love the location, love the units with updated appliances and tons of storage. The valet trash and package service is very convenient. Great value."
"This is our 4th year here. The apartment building itself is not great but the location can't be beat and the new staff is doing a great job."
"I like this community. Usually you fix things that are not working quickly, however, the stream of water that falls from the roof into the metal awning is still there. It is LOUD, and I think all you need to do is to get someone up on the roof to redirect it. Thanks for taking this seriously."
"Overall I love it here. The main downside is sometimes the overflow of boxes is super unsightly and not picked up often enough. Wouldn't want it to attract rodents but other than that Alexan EAV rocks! xo"
"Such a great apartment complex. I seriously don't know how they can charge such affordable rent at such a nice place. The area can be a little sketchy but the complex itself is very safe"
"Love it here! Such great amenities and kind staff. Always plenty of fun activities and great neighbors. The summer is always the best time at the pool!"
"Just moved in a week ago and so far I love it! Amenities and location are great! The gym and having a dog park are my favorites! I’m super excited to live here!"
"Just moved in and the process has been seamless. loving it! Will definitely be recommending this complex to anyone in the market for a new home."
"So far so good! I love the property. It has a very small community feel. The amenities are nice and I feel secure with onsite security. My nephew came to visit and he loved the game room and pool area."
"Love the community! Enjoy having within walking distance of services businesses. I think we should partner more with the neighborhood activities that are happening in the village. Would love to see more community benefits I.e. services and perks, other than that you guys are doing a good job."
"This apartment complex has been very accommodating to my needs as well as my roommates. The people in the community are very nice and the front office staff is very down to earth."
"I'm on my 4th lease here and I have to say that the current leasing agent, Raina, is the best one we've had. She is doing a great job managing things."
"The Alexan is a beautiful, amenity filled apartment with a wonderful location. For me the joy of living right next to so many great establishments and the ease of access to Atlanta proper was a big plus."
"Wonderful home. I love the events and the staff is very nice. The pool party this year was a blast! I like trash concierge service and the gym accesibility."
"So far, so good. Very pleased with just about everything! Just have a few maintenance orders to submit. But the management people here (especially Raina) have been incredible!"
"My initial tour was great and informative. I received all the vital information I needed to make my final decision where I wanted to live. The lease application and online platform is very user friendly and accessible. The process was very simple. I look forward to move-in day."
"This is the first week we have been here but we are sure this is the right place for us. Everyone is always very kind and amazing and Brandon in the leasing office is super helpful!"
"Just moved in, so far so good! Enjoying the quite and friendly neighbors. I love the amenities, covered parking, and friendly and helpful staff."
"The Alexan in EAV is the only place I'd ever consider living in Atlanta. Not only is it the best neighborhood, but the community and events are second to none."
"Overall I really enjoy living hereand find the staff to be responsive/helpful. The place is always clean and aside from the occasional glitch with the elevator or gate, I cant complain."
"Still loving everything about living here! Super convenient. It’s a little noisy sometimes when people have movies or music playing next door, but overall very quiet. Still wish there was a boxing bag in the workout room!"
"The wonderful leasing staff (Raina & Brandon) made this transition as seamless as possible. I'm really thankful for them being so nice and welcoming. My apartment is better than I expected and the location is perfect for me. The amenities are an even nicer perk and I look forward to helping out with the community garden. This is home now. :)"
"So far so good. Have not moved in yet but Raina in the front office is definitely going above and beyond to make sure me and my family have everything we need to make this move seemless"
"Living at Alexan EAV is comfortable, convenient, and has many perks. The pool/grill area and clubhouse are great areas to hang out and the units are very spacious and well-designed. The staff is very friendly and communicates well, maintenance requests are attended to in a timely fashion, and the property as a whole is very clean and well-maintained. The proximity to the highway is a nice benefit too. Definitely worth looking at if it’s in your price range!"
"Raina has been doing a good job. The hallways look great after their deep cleanse and I appreciate the new rule enforcements. Maintenance staff is awesome as always!"
"So far the process has been extremely smooth; I was able to complete all of my paperwork seamlessly! Brandon has been super responsive and helpful :) very excited to begin a new chapter here!"
"I am very sad that the pool cannot be used from 9-11 during the days. This is the only time that my grand daughter can swim in it and apparently the time to clean it cannot be changed."
"Only lived here for a week so far but already feels like home! I love it! Great staff and very clean facilities. Highly recommend living here"
"Just moved in over the weekend and I can already tell we're going to love living here at the Alexan! The complex is wonderful and the amenities are lovely. Looking forward to getting our new home organized."
"Love the location, the cleanliness, the staff, the amenities, the community events, the google fiber :), the valet trash, the concierge package...this place is great!"
"Great experience so far! I like the community, the surrounding area, and the cleanliness of the shared spaces, like the gym, pool, and gardening area."
"Move-in was exciting and easy! I love the openness of the building and it feels like a small community... or a cult, I haven’t decided after one day. Hopefully the community thing! 😁"
"I just moved in but I really like the location of the apartments. I also love my apartment and feel like the office team went above and beyond to make Sure everything was up to standard."
"Love the community! Enjoy having within walking distance of services businesses. I think we should partner more with the neighborhood activities that are happening in the village. Would love to see more community benefits I.e. services and perks, other than that you guys are doing a good job."
"I love living here for its amentities, staff, and most importantly location. Thats why after 2 years, I signed another lease to a 2 bedroom and am having my fiance move in. I wouldnt do that if this wasn't the dopest spot around."
"I love it here! The staff, amenities, the neighborhood and the people in it are beautiful. I’m looking forward to learning about the neighborhood and how to be useful in it."
"I love pretty much everything about this place. Th Eunice is clean and modern and spacious and the walls are thick enough to block out neighbor noises. I rally love the pool and workout room, although I wish there was a boxing bag. I like the community events too! I wish we didnt have to pay for valet trash, but it is convenient. Overall, I really enjoy living here!"
"I have really enjoyed living here and think the staff do a good job with communication & taking care of things quickly. I wojld recommend the Alexam to others."
"The move in process was smooth at Alexan. Since moving here, it has been a nice place to live and all of the neighbors are friendly. The staff is quick to answer questions and make things easy."
"The staff members at Alexan EAV are personable. And, the community is safe and fun. I do wish the hallways were a bit cleaner as some people have leaky trash bags and storms bring in debris from outside."
"Best decision I’ve made. Love how accessible everything is and being able to have EAV in my backyard. The staff has been friendly, and the community is nice & quiet"
"It’s clean. It’s very close to everything that I go to. Walking distance to EAV. The office staff is very helpful. Maintenance team are always very fast to resolve any issues"
"Things have improved with new management. They have put more time and money into upkeep which I appreciate. I find that the building itself is outfitted to look high quality but things seem to fall apart and break easily."
"I am proud to call Alexan EAV my home away from home. I love the urban feel of this community and I love that it has a community garden for its residents. They are also big on recycling and the security system is state of the art."
"So far so great. Love the location. My friends live here so that’s good. Love the pool hours and game room. Looking forward to leaving here."
"Low key, quaint & clean. Quiet. Fast maintenance response. Supportive leasing office, great amenities. Love the location. Rent & fees are a bit high."
"I will be moving in in a few months and so far the process has been friendly and people have been helpful. Can’t wait!! I have reason to believe it continues to be good."
"My experience with Alexan EAV has been superb. The staff is excellent. I enjoy the facilities, rapid communication with staff, and regular events."
"Stellar Customer Service-it has been a challenge trying to move but rep made it easy by going the extra mile. I would like to have a bigger place I will enjoy, one second at a time. I'm not looking for favoritism just help to get me settle."
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